Who Needs Liaison Travel Insurance?

Whether you’re a prudent planner who leaves nothing to chance or a daring adventurer who needs coverage for high-risk hobbies, there is likely a Liaison Travel Insurance plan that meets your needs. Liaison travel insurance provides vital medical and trip coverage for visitors to the United States and international travelers going abroad.

Everyone knows that getting quality travel medical coverage is extremely important when leaving your home country in case you suffer an unexpected injury or illness overseas.

Liaison visitor insurance plans offer robust, affordable protection for foreign nationals visiting the US along with American citizens heading abroad. Their plans provide coverage for things like emergency medical costs, ambulance transportation, and even emergency medical evacuations if needed.

This post tells you everything you need to know about Liaison visitor insurance.

What is Liaison Travel Insurance?

Liaison travel insurance offers sickness, injury, and emergency coverage for foreign nationals visiting the USA as well as U.S. citizens who are traveling overseas. It protects you in case of unexpected medical issues, emergencies, trip delays or cancellations, and other common travel mishaps.

There are three main Liaison insurance plans available:

  • Liaison Travel Elite – The most comprehensive option with the highest coverage amounts and lowest out-of-pocket costs for travelers when receiving medical treatment.
  • Liaison Travel Choice – A mid-range plan with slightly lower benefits than Elite but still strong protection.
  • Liaison Travel Basic – The most affordable Liaison option with essential travel medical benefits but higher potential out-of-pocket costs.

Some of the core benefits offered in all Liaison visitor insurance plans (coverage amounts vary by plan) include:

  • Emergency medical treatment abroad
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Trip cancellation & interruption
  • Emergency dental care
  • 24/7 travel assistance
  • Accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Lost checked baggage

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Who Needs Liaison Travel Insurance?

Liaison visitor insurance is a smart idea for:

  • Foreign nationals visiting the United States who want health coverage during their trip.
  • U.S. citizens traveling overseas who desire extra medical and evacuation protection.
  • Immigrants, students studying abroad, mission trip travelers, and similar world travelers.
  • Anyone participating in adventure sports or potentially risky activities away from home that may not be covered by standard health insurance policies.

In essence, Liaison visitor coverage is ideal for any individual who wants additional reassurance in case the unexpected happens during international travel or visits to the USA.

Liaison Travel Basic Plan Overview

The Liaison Travel Basic plan offers strong core travel medical insurance tailored towards more budget-conscious travelers or those wanting just the basics.

Some highlights of this plan include:

  • Coverage amounts that go up to $5 million (lower for ages 70+)
  • Ability to lower the deductible to $0 for most out-of-pocket savings
  • Add-on options like daily hospital indemnity payments
  • Optional hazardous sports coverage rider at an additional cost

With the Basic Liaison visitor plan, you have some flexibility to customize coverage based on your needs. But higher out-of-pocket costs apply if seeking treatment within the U.S. compared to the Elite or Choice insurance options.

Liaison Travel Basic Plan Details

Here are some key details to understand about the Liaison Travel Basic visitor insurance plan:

  • Coinsurance for treatment received within the U.S.:

Non-U.S. citizen plan holders need to pay 20% coinsurance on the first $5,000 of covered medical bills.

  • Pre-existing conditions:

Coverage is available for eligible pre-existing conditions up to $15,000 for visitors to the USA under age 70, but drops significantly for older travelers.

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D):

The included $25,000 AD&D payout is lower than some competitor plans. So consider adding the AD&D rider for higher amounts.

  • Trip interruption benefits up to $5,000 are included if you must fly home early due to a family emergency or covered event.
  • You can return to your home country for up to 2 weeks during the policy period while maintaining coverage up to $50,000.

Make sure to review the Liaison Basic plan details closely regarding coinsurance, pre-existing coverage, and policy limits that may apply based on your situation.

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Tips to Buying Liaison Travel Basic Insurance

If the Liaison Basic plan looks like a potential fit, here is the process to purchase coverage:

  • Get a quote: Use the online quoting tool to enter your trip details for instant Liaison premium estimates. Compare plans side-by-side.
  • Apply and buy online: Purchasing Liaison is quick, allowing you to buy in under 10 minutes in most cases.
  • Provide eligibility documents: Be ready to upload confirming details like passport, visa, I-20 form, etc. showing your eligibility to buy visitor health insurance.
  • Choose trip duration: Minimum trip length is 5 days. Maximum is 364 days (which requires renewing coverage after one year).

Once purchased, you’ll receive policy documents, ID cards, and other protection details via email. Then print or save your visitor insurance materials for easy access during your trip.

Renewing or Extending a Liaison Policy

Liaison visitor plans allow you to renew or extend coverage in many situations including:

  • You can renew an annual Liaison plan for up to three years.
  • If your trip gets extended, you may qualify to extend coverage up to a 364 day maximum stay.
  • Contact your Liaison agent prior to your current policy expiration date to discuss renewal or extension steps.

This renewal flexibility provides peace of mind in case you decide to prolong your time visiting the USA or traveling internationally.

How to Make Claims and Administration

If you need to file a claim under your Liaison visitor insurance policy:

  • The plan is administered by Seven Corners on behalf of the underwriter, with 24/7 travel assistance services included with every policy.
  • Claims are paid out by Certain Underwriters of Lloyds of London or Tramont Insurance Company Limited, depending on your coverage specifics.
  • To file a claim, gather documentation, fill out the claim form, and submit it to Seven Corners online or by mail. Ensure you follow all stated claims procedures to receive quick reimbursement.

Reputable administration and underwriting gives confidence that valid claims will be handled fairly based on policy terms.

Liaison Travel Insurance Costs

Final Liaison travel insurance plan pricing depends on several factors like:

  • Age of travelers
  • Specific destination
  • Total trip cost
  • Selected medical policy maximum & deductible amount
  • Length of travel dates
  • Add-on riders chosen

In general across all plans, Liaison insurance will cost approximately 4%-8% of your total insured trip expenses.

Use the online quoting engine to tally an exact policy rate based on your trip parameters. This shows costs before adding optional coverages too. Lock in rates and buy when ready!

Liaison Travel Insurance Reviews

Independent review sites like SquareMouth and InsureMyTrip give Liaison travel insurance strong overall ratings:

  • SquareMouth Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
  • InsureMyTrip Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Positive feedback cites the strong core medical benefits, array of custom add-ons, and ability to renew annual coverage for longer USA visits.

Some drawbacks mentioned include higher coinsurance rates in Basic plans, limited hazardous sports by default, and pre-existing condition restrictions for older travelers.

When comparing strictly dollar-for-dollar though, Liaison visitor plans provide strong benefits at very reasonable rates.

FAQ – Liaison Insurance

Does Liaison insurance cover COVID-19?

Unfortunately, Liaison removed COVID-19 coverage as of May 2020 with no pandemic-related testing or treatment benefits. So an infectious disease rider is unavailable unlike some other plans.

How does the pre-existing condition coverage work?

The Basic Liaison plan offers up to $15,000 towards eligible sudden-onset pre-existing conditions for visitors under 70 years old. Over 70, the amount drops to $2,500. Chronic pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Can I buy Liaison visitor insurance for my parents visiting?

Yes. Liaison’s visitor insurance plans are frequently used to cover parents, grandparents, and other visiting relatives aged 14 days old and up. Ensure to accurately provide their details for an accurate quote.

What if my expensive camera gear gets stolen abroad?

Unfortunately, the Basic Liaison plan does not offer any standard baggage coverage for high-value items like cameras, electronics, or jewelry against loss or theft. These pricier items would need a separate rider.


Liaison Travel Basic Insurance delivers strong medical, evacuation, and trip interruption core benefits with the flexibility to fine-tune coverage details to your situation. Costs stay budget-friendly too.

Review all Liaison plan specifics thoroughly before purchasing to best match this visitor insurance solution to your upcoming travel needs and gaps. Then explore the world protected against the unexpected using a trusted Liaison policy in your pocket.

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