Is Global Rescue Signature Travel Insurance Worth the Investment?

Global Rescue Signature Travel Insurance – Are you planning an adventure far from home, somewhere remote or risky? You probably have researched your destination, packed your bags, and booked your travel. But what if something goes wrong? An unexpected injury, illness, or other crisis could leave you stranded without help. I mean who goes on a vacation and ends up being robbed or even kidnapped?

That’s where Global Rescue’s signature travel insurance comes in. I recently reviewed Global Rescue’s premium coverage to see if it’s worth the cost for globetrotters who want serious peace of mind. Keep reading to learn what I discovered.

Global Rescue Signature Travel Insurance

Global Rescue provides medical, security, evacuation and travel services worldwide through exclusive partnerships. Their signature travel insurance plan is designed for frequent international travellers who visit remote or high-risk destinations. It includes:

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Field rescue services
  • Crisis response for security threats
  • Personal security services
  • Travel assistance while abroad
  • Annual global coverage

let’s look at the signature plan’s cost.

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Cost of Global Rescue Signature Travel Insurance

Global Rescue signature insurance ranges from $575 individual/$845 family for 5 days of coverage to $1,150 individual/$1,725 family for a full year.

Each adult on the plan needs to pay the quoted individual rate. For example, a couple gets $1,150 x 2 = $2,300 for annual dual coverage.

Potential extra charges include:

  • $100 for hazardous hobbies
  • Fuel surcharge for long-distance evacuations
  • Costs passed through from third parties

Compared to standard travel medical insurance, Global Rescue runs about 10x the cost. You’re paying for specialized services like field rescue, helicopter transport, and security extraction teams.

For adventurous travellers, the extra peace of mind may warrant the price. But is the coverage worth it?

What Does Global Rescue Signature Travel Insurance Actually Covers?

Global Rescue states they have unlimited trip limits for medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. What exactly does their advertised “unlimited” coverage provide?

Medical Evacuation

If you suffer an injury, illness, or other crisis abroad, Global Rescue provides emergency evacuation to a facility qualified to treat you. This even includes remote locations. No cap on transport costs.

Crisis Response Services

If you face a personal security threat – like terrorism, violent crime, or kidnapping – Global Rescue promises safe passage home or shelter in place. No monetary limits stated.

Field Rescue Services

If you are stranded in the wilderness with no other help available? Global Rescue sends trained teams to extract you, using methods like helicopters and ambulances. Includes billed cost of rescue fleet services.

Essentially, Global Rescue pledges to use all resources necessary to get you out of a crisis abroad safely with no capped benefit. But there are limitations…

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Is Global Rescue Worth the High Cost??

For travelers going to isolated or risky places internationally, Global Rescue provides crisis help that normal travel insurance does not.

Global Rescue offers medical evacuations from remote wilderness and marine areas, political hotspots, and other crisis situations. Their services are not limited by dollar amounts.

However, Global Rescue charges very expensive premiums. Consider your planned travels. For usual vacations in safe destinations, cheaper travel insurance likely works.

But for mountaineers, remote trekkers, and travel to unstable regions, Global Rescue provides specialized “anything it takes” crisis aid. For these higher risk adventures, many find paying the higher prices worthwhile for confidence in emergency assistance.

Global Rescue security extraction

Through partnerships with governments and private security firms, Global Rescue can provide evacuation and extractive services when personal security threats emerge.

If caught in a terrorist attack, violent unrest, or other crisis abroad where governments advise evacuating, Global Rescue says they have resources to get you secure passage home or shelter you safely in place.

This also includes kidnap and ransom situations. Global Rescue can tap their security connections to assist with negotiations, gathering intelligence, coordinating with law enforcement, even retain separate kidnap lawyers and psychologists to work on cases.

Few travel insurance plans offer this degree of security response assistance

Exclusions and Limitations of Global Rescue Signature Travel Insurance

Despite marketing as unlimited coverage, Global Rescue does have some important exclusions and restrictions to know:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions may prevent enrollment or have limited coverage – you must fill out a medical questionnaire.
  • Injuries from professional sports, downhill skiing/snowboarding, technical climbing, or aerial activities may have limited coverage.
  • Medical transport is to the nearest suitable facility, not necessarily your home country hospital.
  • Situations dangerously out of Global Rescue’s control like radioactive events or airspace restrictions may have limited coverage.
  • Rescues done without Global Rescue consent are typically not covered, except life-threatening crises without communication capability. But unreasonable risk-taking may still disqualify claims.
  • Global Rescue doctors decide if/when evacuation occurs and destination location.

Additionally, crisis response services like security extraction have strict qualification rules:

  • Government authorities must officially order evacuations or Global Rescue must designate an evacuation advisory for your location.

While marketed as unlimited, technically exclusions do apply in extreme situations. Carefully read all policy documents before purchasing.

Who is Global Rescue Signature Travel Insurance Good For?

Global Rescue signature insurance best suit:

  • Travelers going to isolated international locations with minimal local emergency response and medical care
  • Adventurous travelers and thrill-seekers partaking in risky sports/activities abroad
  • Those concerned about terrorism, violent crime, and instability when traveling globally

For trips to popular tourist destinations, Global Rescue has capabilities beyond what is needed. But for remote adventures like Antarctic expeditions, Kilimanjaro climbs, or far-flung treks (especially solo), Global Rescue offers specialized services that warrant the higher premiums for many travelers.

The signature plan appeals to people venturing well off the beaten path where crisis response capabilities are limited. Its unmatched support gives peace of mind to explorers facing increased risks of emergency situations abroad.


For adventurous world travelers, Global Rescue’s signature plan brings serious peace of mind. In life-and-death crises, you want the best rescue services money can buy. With unlimited medical transport, field rescue from remote locations, and security extraction, Global Rescue has your back.

Just know Signature membership is not cheap. Do cost vs. benefit analysis based on where/how you travel. Get quotes from competitors too for comparison.

For high-risk international adventures, Global Rescue buys vital crisis insurance you can’t find elsewhere. Read all policy terms and study exclusions too. Global Rescue makes a health questionnaire mandatory for enrollment, decline any undisclosed pre-existing conditions upfront.

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