Why is Canada good for international students

If you say why Canada, I will reply, why not Canada? I mean, the country has everything anyone could dream of, breathtaking landscapes, cultural diversity, and a world-class education system, welcoming people, the citizens are very friendly.

You have everything you need as an international student. Beyond all that beauty and friendly faces, Canada also has a unique blend of modernity and tradition.

Moreover, Canada is also known for its commitment to inclusivity and tolerance, students from all countries of the world are welcome to study here.

There is no discrimination nor do you have fear about security, the safety and quality of life in Canada are second to none. Over the years, the country consistently ranks high in global safety indexes.

There are so many reasons to study in Canada as an international student and we are here to share some of them with you.

So if you are contemplating the idea of studying in Canada, here are the reasons you have been looking for.

Why is Canada good for international students?

If you are wondering why you should pick Canada as your study destination as an international student, here is why.

They have some of the best institutions in the world.

Alongside the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Australia, Canada has some of the finest educational institutions globally.

Their institutions are consistently ranking high in international university rankings. At the top, you will find institutions like the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia.

These institutions are renowned for their academic rigour and cutting-edge research programs.

Their quality highlights the quality of education, modern facilities, and the emphasis on innovation in Canadian universities.

As an international student, you will get the chance to enjoy the best form of education at the best institutions in the world.

The level of inclusiveness is amazing

If you are looking for a country where you will be welcomed by the people, accepted and treated like everyone else, then think of Canada, the country that has been known for ages as the most friendly nation in the world.

Do you believe that over 24% of the country’s total population are immigrants? That’s a huge number. Canada is celebrated for its multicultural society, and its education system is not left out.

As an international student, you will meet a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters cross-cultural understanding.

There are also support groups to help you adjust to life in Canada – what else do you need?

Canada offers work opportunities for international students

Not many countries allow international students to work while studying but here you have Canada.

One of the key attractions for international students is Canada’s favourable work policies.

The country allows students to work part-time during their studies and full-time during scheduled breaks.

With this, you can gain work experience even as a student, who knows, this work experience could be helpful when you will be seeking for job after graduating.

If you don’t know, they also offer international students the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP), an opportunity which allows students who have completed their studies in Canada to work in the country for up to three years.

Can you beat that? Sounds great to me.

Quality of life and safety in Canada is great

Not every country enjoys a great quality of life, but you have Canada, where the country consistently ranks high in global quality of life indices. That’s what you will enjoy as an international student.

The healthcare system is great – one of the best in the world. They have a very low crime rate, which means you don’t have to worry about your safety while in the country.

The friendly and welcoming nature of Canadians also contributes to the sense of security and comfort that many international students enjoy here.

You have the opportunity to learn another language:

Are you aware that Canada is a bilingual country with English and French as official languages?

This means that as an international student, you have a unique opportunity to improve your language skills and potentially become proficient in both English and French.

By being in a bilingual setting, you’ll find yourself surrounded by opportunities to practice and refine your language abilities daily.

You will engage in conversations with students who speak other languages fluently, locals or by participating in language exchange programs.

There are also language courses that you can take and improve your language skills.

Canada offers international students immigration opportunities

Most countries want you gone after your studies but Canada wants to give you a chance to stay back and build an amazing career for yourself.

The country has favourable immigration policies for international students.

After completing your studies, you can decide to stay in the country, get a job through the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) and Express Entry, work in the country and if you desire, you can transition to a permanent resident.

Quality of research and innovation

Interested in research? Canada has got you covered. Canada stands proudly at the forefront of global innovation and research across diverse fields.

They are very committed to advancing knowledge and technology and this is translated into the academic curriculum.

You will work with the best in every field which will allow you to gain hands-on experience in your field of study.

Canadian universities consistently invest in state-of-the-art research facilities, allowing the students to carry out research.

Whether it’s advancements in artificial intelligence, sustainable technologies, biomedical research, or environmental sciences, Canada is fertile ground for pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

Guess what? Universities often form partnerships with industry leaders, government agencies, and other academic institutions, creating interdisciplinary opportunities for students.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity, the country has everything you will ever need as a student. Are you now ready to study in Canada?

Yes? I still have more to share with you.

Canada is naturally beautiful

Let me tell you something you will love about Canada, beyond academics, Canada offers students a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy nature’s wonders.

From the Rocky Mountains to Niagara Falls, you will experience some of the world’s most spectacular scenery.

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And that’s not all, there are other outdoor activities and recreational opportunities you can enjoy to have a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle in the country.


As you can see, you shouldn’t be asking why Canada, the real question should be, why consider anywhere else? It’s not just a place to study; it’s a destination that shapes you, challenges you, and gives you a solid foundation for a successful career.

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