Fully Funded PhD. Scholarships Options in USA 2024

PhD Scholarships in USA – Have you ever dreamed of attending an Ivy League university for your PhD? Or conducting groundbreaking research at Stanford? For most students, the primary obstacle is cost  because doctoral degrees can rack up hundreds of thousands in tuition and living expenses. Yet beyond the prestige and price tags, a select number of PhD. Scholarships in USA offers full funding that makes this caliber of education financially accessible.

Over 1500 fully funded scholarships for PhD candidates will be given in the US for the 2024 academic year. I’m talking about covering your full tuition and living costs, this is an average value of $70,000 per year. Can imagine fulfilling your academic ambitions at Yale, Harvard, or MIT funded scholarships, not student loans.

Do you wish to have this life-changing opportunity? Then read on for a full rundown of the Fully Funded Ph.D. Scholarships Options in USA with full funding guarantee, how to apply, and how to make your application stand out from the crowd.

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What Does Fully Funded Truly Entail?

First, let’s define what counts as a fully funded PhD. At minimum, you can expect these elements:

  • Full tuition costs for your graduate program
  • Monthly living stipend ($1500-2000 typical)
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Funding for conferences and research
  • University fees included

Additional perks like full room/board funding, textbook stipends, and travel allowances take the funding to another level. Yet even base coverage lifts the huge financial stress that deters promising students.

You’ll spot fully funded PhD options labeled fellowships, scholarships, grants, awards, and assistantships. The terms vary, but a full ride remains the goal.

Who Offers Fully Funded PhD Programs?

In a word – the absolute best! From the Ivies to big state universities to underrated gems, American institutions compete intensely through funding. Here’s a taste of fully funded PhD powerhouses:

Ivy League: Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Brown, more Elite Private: MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern Big Ten: Michigan, Wisconsin @ Madison, Illinois Urbana, Minnesota West Coast: UCLA, Berkeley, USC, Washington

Lesser known colleges also utilize full scholarships that match even Harvard’s yearly $75k commitment.

Certain fields enjoy particularly strong PhD funding support. Common choices include:

  • STEM: engineering, physics, computer science
  • Economics & mathematics
  • Molecular biology & chemistry

Ready to learn more? Let’s explore 10 stellar fully funded PhD options accepting applicants now.

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10 PhD. Scholarships in USA

1. Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Institutions: 125+ top ranked US universities

Details: Flagship international exchange program between the US and 160+ countries. Fully funded awards for 1-year Master’s & PhD students include:

  • Entire graduate program tuition
  • Living / housing stipend
  • Health insurance
  • Round-trip airfare

Qualifications: Outstanding academic record, ambassadorial skills, experience abroad preferred. Open to recent graduates or young professionals.

Deadline: Varies per country, summer cycle (Aug/Sept) or fall cycle (early spring)

2. Stanford University Fellowships

Institutions: Stanford Graduate School of Business

Details: Awarded to 40 exceptionally gifted PhD applicants yearly. Guarantees full funding via:

  • Full tuition and mandatory fees
  • $7,500 stipend per quarter
  • $1,000 in textbook/supplies funding

Qualifications: Undergraduate degree with excellent marks in field related to proposed research area. Strong references and publication record from professors.

Deadline: December 5th, PhD and Sloan Master’s applicants

3. Yale University Dissertation Fellowships

Institutions: Yale Graduate School’s Division of Humanities

Details: Supports PhD candidates in humanities fields completing dissertations. Offers:

  • Full tuition and healthcare
  • $30,000 12-month stipend
  • Allowance for research/conference travel, books

Qualifications: Yale PhD candidate in humanities discipline (classics to linguistics!). Approved dissertation proposal and department nomination required.

Deadline: December 19th

4. Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship

Institutions: Any US university with eligible research specialization

Details: Recognizes promising future scientists in fields driving Microsoft innovation. Two funding tracks:

PhD Track:

  • $42,000 annually for duration of PhD
  • Plus $8,000 conference allowance

Women’s Track:

  • $42,000 annually
  • Plus $2,500 hopper hardware allowance
  • $8,000 conference funding
  • Research mentoring network

Qualifications: Underrepresented female students or students from ethnic minorities are especially encouraged to apply. Focus on computing and related hardware/software fields.

Deadline: October 10th

5. Robert McNamara Fellowships (World Bank)

Institutions: World Bank Group serving developing nations

Details: Funds 8-month $42,750 fellowships for PhD researchers focused on poverty reduction:

  • Africa
  • Fragile/conflict countries
  • Gender/inclusion

Qualifications: PhD student at accredited university able to complete field research. Passionate focus on solving global poverty through PhD.

Deadline: September 30th

6. Breakout Graduate Fellowships

Institutions: Top ranked mathematics PhD programs

Details: Backs promising mathematicians from developing countries through:

  • Up to $10,000/year stipend
  • Full tuition & healthcare
  • Housing & travel costs during program

Qualifications: Current PhD mathematic students carrying out novel research. graduated undergraduate from developing nation required.

Deadline: March 1st

7. Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future

Institutions: Leading universities in Europe, US, Canada

Details: Encourages women from developing nations pursuing STEM PhDs abroad via:

  • Up to $50k PhD or $40k postdoc yearly
  • Faculty mentoring matched to your field

Qualifications: Female PhD or postdoc applicants with impressive academic record. Focus on physical sciences – physics, chem, geo sciences, math, engineering, computer science.

Deadline: November 15th

8. Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellowship (AAUW)

Institutions: Any accredited US institution

Details: Supports international women studying full-time in the US who demonstrate academic success and financial need. Offers:

  • $8k – $30k fellowship
  • 1-year Graduate funding
  • Renewable contingent on performance

Qualifications: International female students enrolled in graduate programs at US institution. Aligns with AAUW’s mission of advancing equity for women and girls.

Deadline: December 1st

9. Knight-Hennessy Scholars

Institutions: Stanford University Graduate School

Details: Brings together international leaders from diverse fields in Stanford’s first fully-funded graduate-level scholarship:

  • Full tuition and fees
  • $142k living stipend over 3 years
  • Healthcare insurance

Qualifications: 5 years professional experience minimum, demonstrable leadership experience. Open to all graduate school disciplines.

Deadline: October 11th

10. Cornell Horace Samuel Graduate Award

Institutions: Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine

Details: Recognizes DVM, MS, PhD students at Cornell Veterinary College exhibiting promise in areas related to animal health. Offers full funding including:

  • Full tuition & fees
  • $30k yearly stipend
  • $3k research support

Qualifications: Current Cornell graduate students – PhD, MS, MBA, JD, etc. – associated with vet school. Strong academic ability.

Deadline: February 1st


As you can see, a fully funded PhD is an achievable feat allowing you to realize your goals. When finances fade into the background, nothing can stop your full academic and career potential.

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