Is Super Travels Legit? What Travelers Need to Know

Is Super Travels Legit? Dreaming of an affordable getaway but wondering if that tempting deal from Super Travels is the real thing? As a woman traveler, you want to be cautious and informed before handing over your hard-earned money.

Let’s take a look at Super Travels to help you determine if booking with this India-based online travel agency is a wise choice.

Introducing Super Travels – What Exactly Are They?

Founded in 2017, Super Travels operates the website selling various travel bookings including:

  • Airline tickets
  • Hotel rooms
  • Vacation packages
  • Bus tickets
  • Train tickets

The site advertises discounted pricing on these travel products. The homepage even prominently displays “Up to 60% Off!” to tout potential savings.

At first glance, the site looks slick and professional with nice photos and easy navigation. But looks aren’t everything. Let’s examine the details further.

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Signs That Super Travels May Be Legitimate

There are some indicators that Super Travels is a legitimate travel agency:

  • Professional website – The site appears well-designed and functional, similar to major online travel sellers.
  • Positive customer reviews – Some third-party review sites like Trustpilot contain mostly positive Super Travels reviews from customers reporting successful bookings.
  • 24/7 customer support – Option to contact Super Travels via phone, email, and live chat around the clock.
  • Secure site – They have an SSL certificate to enable data encryption and security on the site.
  • Detailed policies – Cancellation, refund, and other booking policies are clearly spelled out.

On the surface, these details stack up in Super Travels’ favor as a legit booking site you can trust.

Reasons to Exercise Caution Before Booking with Super Travels

You need to be aware of some things to be cautious of:

  • Limited company information – No business address, ownership details, incorporation data, licensing info available.
  • New company – Founded fairly recently in 2017 so they don’t have a long track record yet.
  • Not BBB accredited – Super Travels does not have BBB accreditation to back their reputation.
  • Mixed customer reviews – Alongside positive feedback, some concerning reviews cite hidden fees, poor customer service and unavailable fares.
  • “Too good to be true” deals – If a price seems drastically lower than competitors, it may be bait to draw you in.

As a woman traveler, you need to look at the full picture before feeling secure booking with Super Travels.

Super Travels Travel Packages

Some of the main travel packages advertised on include:

  • Flight + Hotel – Combine roundtrip airfare and hotel accommodations for domestic and international destinations. Often the most affordable packages.
  • Flight + Hotel + Car Rental – Bundles allow booking airfare, hotels, and car rentals together. Adds convenience.
  • Tour Packages – Packages for popular tourist destinations that include hotels, transportation, activities, sometimes meals.
  • Cruise Packages – Combines cruises with flights, hotels, and transportation to ports.
  • Holiday Packages – Special deals for peak seasons like New Year’s, Christmas, Diwali, monsoons.
  • Family Packages – Tailored for families with options like bigger rooms, kids eat free, activities.
  • Honeymoon Packages – Romantic packages with extras like champagne, cake, spa credits.
  • Weekend Getaway Packages – Mini-vacations just for a few nights.

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How Super Travels Can Be Useful

Some potential advantages of using Super Travels include:

  • Packages can save money compared to booking individually
  • Convenience of having flights, hotels, transportation bundled
  • Flights + hotels booked together help avoid scheduling mismatches
  • Customization – Mix and match package components as desired
  • 24/7 support via phone, email, chat during trip planning
  • Caters packages to solo travelers, women travelers, seniors
  • Offers add-ons like travel insurance, airport transfers

The key is weighing the benefits against potential risks based on Super Travels’ limited reputation. But bundled packages can maximize convenience and value.

Tips for Booking Safely with Super Travels as a Female Traveler

If you decide to book with Super Travels as a woman traveling solo or in a small group, here are some tips to reduce your risk:

  • Vet recent reviews – Check third-party sites like TrustPilot and TripAdvisor for detailed, recent Super Travels reviews by fellow travelers. Watch for red flags.
  • Use a credit card – Pay with a credit card so you can dispute any fraudulent charges. Avoid direct bank transfers.
  • Book refundable rates – When available, choose refundable flight/hotel deals to get your money back if issues arise.
  • Confirm deals in writing – Have Super Travels confirm discounted pricing and terms in writing before finalizing to prevent bait-and-switch tactics.
  • Screenshot everything – Save copies of bookings, communications, policies in case you need to reference later.
  • Travel safely – Follow general safety tips like sharing your itinerary with a trusted contact back home.

The Verdict – Is Super Travels Ultimately Legit for Women Travelers?

Based on the mix of positive customer experiences along with some concerning red flags, women travelers should proceed cautiously with Super Travels.

While they may deliver as promised, the limited company transparency makes that hard to fully validate. Plus, any issues will likely prove much harder to resolve with minimal company information.

For women seeking peace of mind when booking travel, Super Travels involves some risk. You’re rolling the dice on whether you’ll get one of the positive or negative experiences reflected in reviews.

Safer Alternatives for Booking Affordable Travel as a Woman

Rather than taking a gamble on Super Travels, women travelers may feel more secure booking through well-established mainstream sites like:

  • Expedia
  • Priceline
  • TripAdvisor

These platforms have been vetted over many years, offer full cancellation policies, and provide access to extensive support.

Booking directly through hotel chains and airlines is also safer than third parties. You can almost always modify or cancel upcoming reservations if needed.


At the end of the day, you need to weigh the potential risks and benefits of booking through SuperTravels as an individual woman traveler. Make sure to do your due diligence researching the company, vetting recent reviews, and understanding their policies before entering payment details.

For the best deals balanced with security, your safest bets are likely reputable mainstream booking platforms or reservations directly with the travel providers. But ultimately, being an empowered, informed consumer is key to determining if Super Travels meets your travel standards.

Happy and safe travels!

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